Hiring Managers can initiate and route requisitions for approval
Talent Acquisition

For Hiring Managers

Work collaboratively with your Hiring Managers in an integrated process.

New! Announcing Hiring Manager Mobile

Now Hiring Managers can use their tablets and smartphones via a simple touch interface designed specifically for mobile devices. Easy to learn and use!

Initiate and route requisitions for approval

Let Hiring Managers take charge of the requisition process, enter their own reqs, attach documents, and use a built-in approval process to route them via email for approval. Have complete visibility by HR with immediate notification req is approved and ready to be posted.

Track requisition status

Let Hiring Managers view the status of their requisitions in an organized, easy-to-read format.

Review qualified applicants

Let Hiring Managers view applicants by simply logging in and viewing them. Applicants are sorted by highest pre-screen qualifications. Hiring Managers can easily update applicant results and enter comments for applicants who have applied for their reqs.

Use Search Committees

Augment your selection process with formal or informal Search Committees, self-assigned by Hiring Managers or managed by HR.

HR visibility and control

With iGreentree, HR configures your system, controls the workflow, and oversees the process. HR determines which applicants the Hiring Managers see, which documents are viewable, which disposition codes are selectable by Hiring Managers, and which menu choices are available, so you can deploy system capabilities to match your employment process.