Create a custom Onboarding website and document packages

For HR Professionals

Welcome your new hires with a streamlined and easy-to-complete professional Onboarding experience.

Create a customized, branded Onboarding site

Make a great first impression on your new hires!

Define specific Onboarding document packages

Combine welcome messages, multi-media activities, and standard and custom forms to create job-specific packages of new hire activities.

Manage the Onboarding process

Quickly view checklists and completion status for all new hires. Receive automated email notification when items need review, and when Onboarding is complete.

Specify content-expert reviewers for specific documents

Add reviewers for specific activities or forms which require HR or another department to review and 'confirm complete.'

Eliminate data redundancy

Use custom pre-populating forms to make data entry easy and efficient for the new hire.

Maximize your Orientation ROI

Let your new hires complete their information before attending Orientation to save time and start being productive sooner!