On-site and web-based training
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Training Options

Maximize the success of your Greentree system with on-site or web-based user training.

On-site training

For maximum training effectiveness, work with a Greentree trainer to create a personalized training agenda and/or consultation. The training/consultation will take place at a customer designated location with a maximum class size of ten students. Training and Consultation is priced as follows:

$3,500 for the first two days
$1,500 for each additional day
Travel expenses

Web-based training

Web-based sessions provide a convenient, flexible, cost-effective way to provide your HR staff with new or refresher training. Each session is limited to five attendees and will be from one to three hours. Session agendas can be tailored to emphasize areas of particular need or interest to your staff. These sessions will provide attendees with the tools to become more proficient with minimal disruption to their daily responsibilities. Please contact Greentree for details or to schedule a web-based training session. Priced from $250-$750 per session.